How many chapters does Ghostwire Tokyo contain?

If you immerse yourself in Ghostwire Tokyo in the Tokyo fulfilled by Ghosten, which you should explore, will you probably ask yourself how many chapters there in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Well, the main story is divided into chapters that resemble the former games of Tango Gameworks like The Evil Within, even though they are a little longer. While this chapter or after you played through the game, you can then complete co-missions, chasing collectibles and save the rest of the remaining spirits in the city. These minor activities can extend the time you spend in chapters, but overall, every chapter in Ghostwire Tokyo takes about 90 minutes to three hours to master it.

So continue to know to know exactly How many chapters are there in Ghostwire Tokyo You can decide whether you want to focus on history or first want to delete the entire map.

How many chapters does Ghostwire Tokyo contain?

Ghostwire Tokyo has six chapters of history . The first two chapters are rather short, while the next two are much longer and take place in the open world.

Chapters five and six take them out of the open world and are also pretty short. As mentioned earlier, you can spend much longer in each chapter, depending on what you do in the open world and whether you want to explore it thoroughly.

The six chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Beginnings
  • Chapter 2: Problems
  • Chapter 3: Connection

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review - The Final Verdict
* Chapter 4: Kontision
* Chapter 5: Compensation
* Chapter 6: Binding

This covers our guide, how many chapters there are in Ghostwire Tokyo. More information about the game can be found in the length of Ghostwire Tokyo and our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo, which is filled with instructions that help you.

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