The Assassins Creed report details the release window of the next game

Today a new report has arisen that provides some new details about the next installment of the long Assassin’s Creed Series of Ubisoft. In recent months, new details began to be circulated that ensured a new entry entitled Congress of the Creed of the Assassin I would end up launching before ssassin’s Creed Infinito, which is a live service project that Ubisoft has already confirmed that it is in process. Although grieta is a game from which Ubisoft has not yet verified existence, it seems that we could learn more about it soon if this new report in question turns out to be accurate.

According to Xfuegue, the Creed of the Assassin_ is currently planned to arrive at some point in the first half of 2023. When we listen for the first time about the game earlier this year, the initial reports did not rule out a launch at the end of 2022. Now, according to what Xfire has declared, it seems that a launch next year seems much more likely.

Even so, although I do not care about the assassin’s creed, it could be further than expected, this does not mean that we will not listen to the game in the short term. The report also mentions that Ubisoft is in the middle of planning an important exhibition event of some kind that could take place soon. And although there is no guarantee that it its of the Creed of the Assassin_ will be announced at this time, it seems that the possibility is very at stake.

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Apart from these small fragments of information, the only thing we really know about friends of the assassin’s creed right now is that it will be a spin-off of assassin’s creed valhalla. It is said that the title focuses on the character Basim, who first appeared in valhala. In addition, it is also said that the game is set in Baghdad. While it remains to be seen how much this is exact, according to what we have heard so far, _grieta, it seems that it could be quite promising.

How do you feel about having to potentially wait until 2023 for a new Assassin’s Creed game? Let me know your reaction to this new information in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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