How to unlock cooking in RUNE FACTORY 5

Cooking is an integral part of any endurance based game, including RUNE Factory 5. As you know from playing such games like Story of Seasons, cooking is not always available from the very beginning of the game. In fact, in many cases you need to perform several small tasks to unlock it before you can benefit from cooking.

The game will give you your first Culinary table When you visit Studio Parm and talk to palm . He will give you an item, and you can pick it up with door at the exit from your store. Then you can use this set for cooking, using RP glasses.

When you are ready to expand your culinary skills, talk with palm or Raire Buy additional kitchen equipment, such as mixer as well as Knife . In addition, you can choose Two Culinary Licenses from Eliza in Jumping Rigbart As soon as the opportunity to buy them for SEED points.

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How to get new culinary recipes

Although you can mix the ingredients for making recipes, they are much easier to learn using bread . Buying and using bread, you can unlock new recipes and save your RP glasses. Simply keep in mind that you may need to purchase additional kitchen equipment or unlock the license to prepare a new recipe.

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