Xbox Series S: A Sonic Console Sonic 2 The film, with fur on the controllers

The arrival on the big screen of Sonic 2 The film has given ideas to Sega, Paramount and Microsoft who have joined for collaboration that has not passed unnoticed. It is indeed the creation of an Xbox Series S Custome Collector in the colors of the film and the two characters that are Sonic and Tails, since the fox will make its first steps in the cinema in a few days. The console has a black coating with Sonic’s artwork facing Knuckles at the bottom of the machine, while we can see a golden ring around the famous ventle of the console. The idea is rather welcome, but personally, we find that the set lacks homogeneity because of this illustration that did not need to be there.

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On the other hand, it is at the controlle levels that the designer has surpassed since two controllers are supplied with the Xbox Series S and each sport not only a different color (blue for Sonic, red for knuckles), but are more covered with ‘A fur that returns to the peel of the two animals (yes, we know, a hedgehog does not have fur). A dared choice, original, very surprising, even if you suspect that to play, it may be a little embarrassing. But as everyone knows, this kind of collector console is done to be exposed in showcase, not to be used. In any case, it is not a marketed machine, it is a lot for an exceptional contest that is proposed only in the United States. No chance so that a Frenchman returns with. Shame…

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