All the characters of Genshin Impact 2.7 revealed so far

The 2.6 update is finally available and, as usual, Mihoyo has presented a new art along with some details to excite fans for the future. The developer resorted to Twitter to reveal two new characters that will come in Genshin Impact 2.7 after all we have all had the opportunity to explore the abyss.

GENSHIN IMPACT 2.7 New characters

KUKI Shinobu.

I am writing to introduce you to a talented person. -Kujou Sara.

◆ Kuki Shinobu.
◆ Tribulations healer
◆ attached leader of the Arataki Gang
◆ Electronics
◆ Tribulatio Demptio # genshinimpact


Kuki Shinobu is an Electro user and the attached leader of Arataki Gang, led by Arataki Itto. Judging by the only image of her that was published, he could use swords as a weapon.

There is still no information about the skills of it, but we will make sure to inform you more about the elementary skill and the elementary outbreak of Shinobu as the details are available.


I would like to suggest that he treats her as a common person, but if he does, it is easy to lose control of the negotiations. -Yanfei.

◆ Yelán

◆ Valley orchid
◆ A mysterious person who says work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs
◆ Water
◆ Umbrabilis Orchis # Genshinimpact


Yelan is a mysterious person who says to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. She has a hydrusional and, judging by the image of the anticipated release of her, she may possibly use a catalyst as a weapon, as she does not show up holding anything at all.

As with Shinobu, there is still no information about her elementary skills, elementary explosion or passive skills.

That is all we know about all the characters that have been revealed to Genshin Impact 2.7 so far . We will make sure to update it about her skills once more details are published, so I re-consult us in the future. If you are looking for tips, tricks or more information about the game in general, see our Wiki guide.

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