Cacao Games, Popular Games 6th Annual Fools Event

Cacao Games (Representative Jogye) said on March 31, the main Fools of the Major PC Online and Mobile Games, which are served, will take a variety of events.

First, Cacao Games’ masterpieces MMORPG ‘Odin: Ballai Rising’ will proceed with ‘April Fool’s Coupon Payment (Super) event’ from April 1 to April 3. We present one ‘April Fool’s Day compensation box’ to users who successfully enter the supernatant word ‘ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ’. Users can receive a variety of compensation, including ’11 Packed Boxes’ through ‘April Fool’s Day Compensation Box’.

Mobile Action RPG ‘World Flipper’ opened ‘Cockcock stabing light’ web game for a limited period of time from April 1 to April 6. In addition, we will pay ‘1,500 saint stubs’ and ‘Cattle Carrot Sword’ in all users who have meet April Fool’s Day and connect the same period.

Mobile Animation RPG ‘Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Lee: Dive) presents ‘1,500 Jewel’ to users who connect to the game on April 1, celebrating April.

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Mobile RPG ‘Grand Chase’ proceeds ‘Grand Heart’ event until April 4th. Users who performed ‘daily / repeating / limited mission’ during the event period can acquire ‘student notebook’. With the conversation with students with the items, you can complete various profiles and various compensation, including ‘Cindy Profiles’, for users who have completed the stage and completed the confession story of ‘I’.

PC온라인 생존 배틀아레나 ‘이터널 리턴’은 4월 3일까지 서울식품과 함께하는 ‘하늘에서 ‘뻥이요’가 내려요’ 이벤트를 실시한다. Users can acquire ‘Pungin’ in the “Lumia Island Distributing Box”. In addition, we will present a box of ‘Pungnish’ through Tumum as the use of the users who ingested ‘crazy’. In addition, we provide ‘200 event NP’ to users through ‘Quiz Event’.

In PC Online MMORPG ‘Elion’, ‘April Fool’s Day is also a’ 요 요 요 요 요 엔 ‘ In this event, users can create April Fools’ Punglia ‘from specific NPCs, and acquire various compensation, including “April Fools’ items through pick-up boxes.

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