If you are a fan of the AMONG Social deduction game, then you will be happy to know the latest news that several new masks will open way in the online multiplayer game. After a mockery of the InnerSloth developers earlier this week, it has been confirmed that characters such as Halo Infinite, Ratchet & Clank and the Scream Film Franchise will cross. However, if you are more a person from Master Chief, here you have How to get the among us halo cosmetics.


The cosmetics that players can have in their hands include a Spartan helmet, the Spartan armature and the GUILTY SPARK mascot. The three elements can be yours for free and you can get them following the steps below.

  • Make sure that the Among US version on PC / Xbox is 2022.3.29

Unlock All Cosmetics & Cosmicubes For Free (Including Innersloth Snowflake Snowbean) Among Us Latest

Update your game if necessary.

  • Opens the game and log in to your AMONG US account.

  • I should be able to see Halo cosmetics for your selection.

They are added automatically if it is in the correct version.

It’s that easy. Now you can take care of your affairs and perform tasks like a Spartan, or commit a meaningless murder as the imposter, the choice is yours.

That’s all you need to know about ** How to get the cosmetics AMONG US HALO ****. Be sure to consult other news about the game, including a version of virtual reality on the way, the addition of crossed game and the most recent roles. For other amazing news about the industry, be sure to look for Social deduction.

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