Lol: lioness is finally improved visually, although not its outdated 3D model

Riot Games continues with work to clean and improve the animations of League of Legends. In the PBE are already the VFX settings of Shaco, but they will not be the only ones. One of the main workers in this area of Riot, Sirhaian , just removed the visual adjustments that will have Leona in the skills of it.

All the particles of it will suffer changes, so the champion, whose 3D model will not be improved, yes you will have much more skills. In the video below, published by Sirhaian himself, you can see all the adjustments and news.

This is what the Rioter commented in a Reddit post: _ “as in the previous updates of the visual effects we have done in the past (Vel’koz, Zilean, Syndra, etc.), we are working on the update From the visual effects (VFX) of the champions whose spell effects need some love. Our goal is to get your visual effects to adjust to the current standards of the league and improve the clarity of the game. This time it’s up to Leona, For the PBE patch of version 12.7. “_

Of course, despite not being of great draft, was used as reference The Call for these changes: _ “This update of the visual effects is smaller, and its goal is to simply clean up some of the oldest visual effects of the Lioness base, bringing them a little more at his appearance in the cinematic “the call”. “_

The base skins and several of the oldest will be affected as Pool party, project or barbecue . In addition to the flames that emanate now from the sword and the shield of it, these are the concrete adjustments in the skills of it:

  • P : Visual cleaning
  • q : new effect when stunning
  • W : When the improvement is available, new light rays are added. There is also a new explosion.

  • E : new projectile.
  • R : new cast.

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