The last April Platinumgames fish will announce 9 new games

In recent years, Platinumgames, developer of Babylon’s Fall, and the April Fool’s pranks have gone hand in hand. The simple search for both terms in our internal database shows a list of previous jokes. And, not to be left out with past attempts, the Japanese team today concocated a small presentation where it “announces” nine new games. A 10th title is included, but it’s Sol Cresta, which is actually real and who is already released on PlayStation 4.

The games are:

  • Galactic Badass Beat ‘Em Up Action (WIP)

WHAT? [ Pet Simulator X April Fool Update ]
* Battle Action Block Breaking Game (WIP)
* Superhuman Football Science Fiction (WIP)
* PT Spectacular Side-Scrolling Action (WIP)
* Constella style lateral scrolling shot (WIP)
* High Speed Action Course (WIP)
* Dynamite sexy puzzle game (WIP)

  • Action b * star ultimate top view (WIP)
  • Combat of apocalyptic giant robots (WIP)

The nine titles are presented under the “Neo-Classic Arcade” banner, which is supposed to convey “the spirit and pleasure of the classic game using modern technology”. Given the Platinumgames history, we would not be surprised if one or two of these titles were actually real – Soil Cresta also started his life as an April Fool’s joke, after all. But will they be good? Recent projects suggest that no. Babylon’s Fall, we look at you. At least, Hideki Kamiya can have fun in the video integrated above.

This ironic sketch of platinumgames is only a little light entertainment, but remember: do not believe everything you read on the internet during the next 24 hours. Unless we here * Push Carré Poster about it, of course.

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