Guild Wars 2: Worked Meta Event in Jade

Since February 28, 2022 we explore in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons the fantastic continent Cantha. However, while the new adventure for the heroes Tyrias is definitely enthusiastic, there is an important construction site: the meta event in the Dragon-End area, which, so to speak, is the final fight of the extension. Here players have to work together to strike a victorious thing after a 90-minute. That was not really fair at the beginning, but the developers are also busy a month after release with the finishing touch, demonstrating a new update (via arenanet).

How well we find end of dragons, you will learn in the big test for the GW2 extension

New update for GW2 End of Dragons facilitates boss fight in dragon-end

Because a hotfix of 2 April 2022 has brought a few important changes for the fight in the Jade Sea, after the most recently reduced the number of events, with which the “willingness” of the mean area for the meta- Event had lowered. The latest changes for the dragon end are mainly turning to exposion phases that occur when you bring the so-called defiance bar of an opponent with CC capabilities to zero:

  • The frequency of the chassis of the boss was reduced so that it is less likely that its presence overlaps with an active defiance bar.
  • The disconnection is now applied to both the tail as well as on the head when the defeat of the boss is broken during the tail phase.
  • If the tache is defeated while the boss has the locked sucking on its head, the duration of the bolt is prolonged to compensate for the need to simultaneously react to the tail and head of the boss.

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What looks like your experience with the final group event in Dragon End? What does your win / defeat quota look like? Does this activity play even easier for you? Or is it still haper at another point that the developers should tackle? Tracks us your impressions in the comment area!

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