“Kirby of the Stars” popular song “Metanites Counterattack” Arrange shines in the Grammy Award. As a best arrangement

At the 64th Grammy Award, the Arrange song of “Kirby of the Star” BGM is commended. Best Arrangement, Instrumental or a A Cappella seems to be shining.

The song that was commended is “Meta Knight’s Revenge”. Originally, it is a song based on the Battleship Halvard of “Metanight Counterattack” of “Kirby Super Deluxe”. In the music that Mr. Ryo Ishikawa was engaged in a time-limited nervous situation, the feeling of running through Halbird is drawn as a BGM. The same song is originally divided into two, and “Metanight’s Counterattack” “Metanite’s Counterattack: Stage” “Battleship Halvard: Ships”. In fact, “Metanite’s Counterattacks: Stage” and “Battleship Halvard: Unders” and are often arranged as “Metanite’s Counterattack”.

“Meta Knight’s Revenge” is a song that arranged such a “Metanite Counterattack“. Tip Tune Artist Button Masher, Jake Silverman, participates in the arrangement, and the 8-bit Big band is responsible for playing. The sense of running of the original song is arranged as it is, and it has been arranged in jazz. As it is the attraction of the original song, it is a unique jazz sound by the slight arrangement.

The 8-Bit Big Band is a group that plays a variety of game sound arrangements. The music of the familiar game is arranged as a big band. As well as the attraction of the original song, the 8-bit Big Band is highly evaluated and the performance will be appreciated, and the Grammy Award will shine. CHARLIE Rosen, who led the group, is delighted to commerce with Silverman, along with the Glamy Award. Rosen gives a word of gratitude to Mr. Akira, Nintendo and composer, as well as involved.

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