WOW: Is the first real filtration of the next expansion of World of Warcraft is Blizzard?

While the filtration season is still in full swing, the night from April 2 to 3, 2022, news appeared as interesting as their own luck for the developers of the MMO. The rumors already talked about the new expansion of World of Warcraft would focus on the dragons… but now it is the official Blizzard website that would have confirmed it.

World of Warcraft – Dragonflight: What we know

The information is born in the public source code of the Official Site of The ninth extension of World of Warcraft would be called Dragonflight . Of course, we do not know anything else at this stage except that the issue of extension would be: dragonflights, dragons.

This same source code revealed so the precompres “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight” would offer a basic, deluxe and epic edition and that a new URL will be deployed in honor of this new extension: .

Many players got excited quickly not long ago and in which we discover the name in the key to a supposed “emerald dragon” saddle dedicated to the collector’s edition of the next expansion. Although in “then” was still very soon to issue a definitive opinion and get excited, with this new alleged revelation the bond between both seems evident. We have also checked ourselves: These data really exist publicly even today.

A WOWHEAD user also revealed in the process, specifically in the comments of the article dedicated to this topic, that URL certifications dedicated to the address were issued on March 29. All of them can be found here.


Finally, at the same time, a curious image would have revealed that reveals what seems to be a promotional image dedicated to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. There is what seem to be portraits of Alexstrasza, the aspect of the red flight, along with what seems to be the logo of this supposed expansion.

Great filtration of Blizzard or another great joke?

If we think of dragons in World of Warcraft, we can not avoid thinking about the five aspects. Generally, one does not go without the other, but the alleged name of the extension seems to indicate a single Dragonflight since “Dragonflight” is in singular.

History will undoubtedly explain it if this name is justified with possibly a story focused mainly on one of the flights, the green for example that is in the latest news in the midst of serious problems, although we know that red is also in critical, among others.

However, the recent objects of patch 9.2.5, the few we have, seem to point to a resurgence of the pest in the northern part of the eastern kingdoms. We know by definition that the dragon islands, the absolute sanctuary of all flights from the dragons, would eventually be located in front of the coasts west of Quel’thalas and north of the lights of Tirisfal, precisely the regions affected by the changes in Patch 9.2.5.

If we stick to how little we know at the moment, it would not be surprising that we were asking for the help of the dragons to overcome the last of the plague in the region… or that they themselves intervene to help us before claiming our Help due to a threat that has emerged in its legendary island.

On the other hand, the period in which this alleged filtration occurs seems very doubtful, do not hide it. It is the day after April 1, official day of the most or less funny jokes, and while Blizzard offered its patch patch notes 9.4: Beyond The End of Infinity, the arrival of a supposed “real filtration” less than two days after. It seems very suspicious. Moreover, it is assumed that the expansion will be announced in about two weeks… Could this be a false filtration discovered late that we were supposed to take as a joke?

So suspicious, by the way, we can not help but remember that the Shadowlands expansion had been “filtered” as “Dragonflight”, a few days before his official announcement three days before the Blizzk 2019. Could Blizzard make the same big mistake twice ? Probably not, although a human error can not be ruled out.

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