R / Place: French resistance ends in catastrophe by bots on a historical night for the Internet

When the night ends up late and with an innumerable number of spectators, we know it has been a day that will happen to the Internet history . Yesterday was a real madness with the “war” that appeared from nowhere against France these days related to Place Reddit post. What began as a small joke between two communities ended up being a war of containment for the pride of a country and an apotheosic finish. Ibai, Auron, Rubius and company were the leaders of a legion of fanatics who planted the bots created by kameto and followers of him of him.

First attempts that ended up in vain

The first attacks began during the first hours of the afternoon, with Auron and Ibai as main commanders of this platoon. The strategy was simple: attacking in turns depending on the day we were born. Little by little, the war took a very war strategy with touches of Internet , something that although it was not all “healthy”, caused a series of exciting moments for all spectators.

However, Kameto and followers of him with the help of the bots created a containment that was practically unbreakable. Is here when the first talk came to try to reach an agreement and be able to divide that corner so disputed; But the Answer of the French was blunt: “If you want the place, fight for him.” **

Who Iron Mata, Iron dies

The night came and the containment followed, so the Spanish-speaking community needed allies before resorting to non-ethical methods such as the bots. It is here when the _streamers started talking to another gigantic fan base that one day were “enemies”: _ fandom_ of kpop . Through different agreements as if of a war treatise, this group of fans tried to fully burst the French zone, something that barely worked due to the absurd amount of support that France had through its scripts.

It is here when the Spanish-speaking community wanted to combat the fire with more fire, using a script from Tampermonkey to be able to top over and over again the defense of our neighbors. However, nothing worked in front of the unwavering defense of Kameto, until it arrived xqc to try negotiate for second and last time with them to divide the territory. After a pretty heated discussion and with many darts in between, the answer was the same but with much more hesitated and scabies **: “If you want the place fight for him.”

Everything indicated that the bots of the Spanish-speaking community were going to attack at dawn, but something magical happened: around 1 in the morning, Place developers decided that it could only be painted blank. This caused all BOTS that had the French community to defend the place turned against, causing that in a very short time all its area would be completely white. This is how from one moment to another the tapestry had a huge white gap in the left corner , leaving Kameto with a huge poker face after this “tragedy”.

Remember: this is a game

The battle that was lived and the final apotheosic that was memorable, but let’s remember that from the beginning it has been a game . Hate between the two countries stays in that, humor and jokes but without hate messages. It’s okay to laugh after all, but this is not an excuse to launch xenophobic messages to a community that has been equally delivered than all of us; France has a very delivered fanbase and applauded from here the dedication of all of them to create a historical landmark that will last forever on the Internet **, surpassing other communities that looked like indisputable leaders regarding numbers.

Reddit Place (/r/place) - FULL 72h (90fps) TIMELAPSE

That is why The objective of this confrontation was not to generate roll, but healthy competitiveness among the largest communities around the world and see how they all exercised a different “role”. Of course, Kameto in real life is not like that, just like Ibai, Rubius or Mizkif; While many jumped to the neck with recurring insults and full of toxicity, the vast majority ended respecting the result and assuming consequences that ended in laughter and many memes. But if there is something we have learned in Fallout, things will remain the same: “War, war never changes”

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