Story Horror Game like Movie “Qualy-Various Thrill Summer Camp” 30 minutes Play video published-Young couple saw what was seen at quarry

Supermassive Games and 2K Games has released a 30-minute game play video of a selection story progress horror game “ Qualy-nightmare summer camp “.

This work is a horror game that can experience the night of the fear that the Camp Councer of Hacket Quarry on the last night. A 30 minute play video published this time is a game prologue. A young couple who has caused a vehicle accident in the night mountain road meets a bad police officer Trava, and you can see the fear experience that happens at the Hakkacks quarry he headed.

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Any choice in the game affects the story, and features a selection story progress that affects the life of the character. Latest facial capture technology and film writing technology, Hollywood actor’s performance is also attractive. You can also enjoy up to seven friends and online play, and each player is responsible for each player, and you can also enjoy party type cooperative play to determine action.

“Qualy-Nightmare Summer Camp” is scheduled to be distributed on June 10 PC (STeam) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE.

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