Ubi Soft launches Rainbow Six Mobile Release

Ubisoft Entertainment is based on its Rainbow Six series, based on its Rainbow Six series, “Rainbow Six® Mobile” Rainbow Six® Mobile (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Mobile).

The ‘Rainbow Six Mobile’, which is developed in Ubi Soft Montreal Studio, is characterized by a fully reproducing PC and console version of the game properties to meet the mobile environment. The player can choose from a variety of crews that appear in Rainbow Six, making it free to organize teams, and are able to enjoy a variety of PVP modes, such as banks, bombs, such as banks, borders, etc.

In Rainbow Six Mobile, the player divides 5 fifths divided into attack teams and defensive teams. First, the attack team should be infiltrated with a defensive team through a destructive wall, floor, and ceiling. The defensive team will dispose of obstacles to the expected entry point, utilizing surveillance cameras and traps to defend their progress.

All the crew on the Rainbow Six Mobile are equipped with unique technologies, weapons, and tools, and various tactics combinations between team members are possible. Especially, it is possible to play a pleasant play on the move through mobile platform optimization, and it is expected to provide a high-end game experience without time and location.

Rainbow Six Mobile - Official Announcement Trailer
Rainbow Six Mobile will be able to meet in the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Rainbow Six Mobile is currently in advance registration through the official website, and the player who has completed advance registration is to be achieved to participate in the test. For more information on games, including the guide trailer of Rainbow Six Mobile, you can see the official YouTube and Facebook channels.

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