How to fix the black screen of ValoRant when you start a start?

Unlike most errors in ValoRant, the black screen error does not show any error code, which makes it one of the confusing problems that need to be solved in the game. To correct the ValoRant black screen launch error, you can apply solutions such as updating your graphics drivers , Reinstalling Your game on another disk or change Your Internet Network.

Different ways to fix the black screen when you run a launch in ValoRant

  • Updating your video card : Although it may seem simple, the most common solution to the black screen problem is to update the graphics driver. Some gaming files can work incorrectly without the latest driver updates. Use the appropriate software to update the driver.

  • Reinstalling games to another drive : The game can show a black screen due to damaged files. Although you can restore the game, it is better to reinstall it. When reinstalling, select a directory other than the previous one to avoid problems with disk fragments.

  • Delete any dual game instance : Sometimes you could open several instances of the same game. In such cases, you will come across the problem of the black screen. Roll and close the other game.
  • Change your Internet network : If your Internet does not establish a proper connection to the Riot game server, you will not be able to boot into the main game, leaving you forever on the black screen. To avoid this, change your Internet network or restart the router.


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