FCN Coach Robert Klauß: If we have the chance.

Die PK mit Robert Klauß im Re-Live | 1. FC Nürnberg - SV Darmstadt 98
Robert Klauß has to renounce the lilies on the yellow-banned Fabian Nuremberg, for which Tom Krauß be a “clear option”, said the Club coach on the Game Tagging Press Conference on Thursday. The mood in the team is good despite the recent 1: 3 defeat in Heidenheim: “The guys know that we play a good season and that we have a good starting situation for the last six games. We are pleased that we are all four, who are above us still have a direct competitor. “

We want to take everything we can get and then hope that we have the chance to reach something as long as possible.

Robert Klauß

The first comes with Darmstadt, an offensive team with a lot of pace and dangerous standards, with a lot of physis very robust, the 37-year-old named the advantages of the Hesse. It is the plan to keep the table second as far as possible from the gate, which of course can not always succeed. But then it applies to its moment in every moment, you wanted to do better than last. “We want the three points claws against Darmstadt. We want to enjoy the game in front of our fans and everything.” Just as you will tackle the last games, “take everything we can get and then hope that we have the chance to achieve something as long as possible. That’s the goal.”

The chance to achieve something? Yes, what exactly? With the desired victory, the fifth-placed FCN would first roll up to two points to the Darmstadt. “Of course, it does a certain explanimate when you meet a team that stands nearby,” Klauts said, who did not let out of the reserve with regard to the ascent ambitions, but then exuded attacks: “If we have the chance, we want fourth, third, second, first. That’s quite normal, that wants every team, we want to get better. ” And of course, there is also a phase in the season where you would look at the table.

But Klauß also stressed that everything was very tight and there is something to defend something, “because the sixth is not 20 points now”. Each table spot is important in terms of televisions, rankings, for the good mood. Also, it is crucial for packing points for the (actual) seasonal destination (5 to 8, note d. Red.) Points.

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