New World Free: Thats how you can play the MMO for free for a short time

If you always want to throw a closer look at the MMO New World, you now get a particularly favorable opportunity. Amazon Game Studios organizes at Steam a free event , where you can download the online role-playing game for free and try to try to your heart’s content. We provide you with the most important details at this point?

new world play for free

The starting signal for the event has already fallen recently. Accordingly you only need to call up the product page of New World at Steam and click on the button “Start Game”. Then you can start the download of the MMOS and then fall into the events without further arrangements. It is the full version of the online role-playing game without content restrictions. Thus, you have all the features available as all other users. However, you should prefer not to leave too much time: The free Event of News World runs only until 11 April 2022 \ – so next Monday. The end is for 19:00 German time planned.

New World Just went FREE TO PLAY, and that's a BAD thing.

NEW WORLD buy cheap

You can even take the progress made during the free event if you want to decide for the purchase of New World (now € 39.99). To make this something easier to do this, you will find a discount campaign in the online shop of Steam simultaneously , where you save 40 percent . Thus, New World Current costs only 23,99 Euro instead of 39.99 euros. This action runs until 18 April 2022, according to this you still have enough time to benefit from it. After that, the normal price is due again.

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