Throne and Liberty sketches his frame and reveals his universe in pictures

If NCSOFT holds the announced schedule, its MMORPG THRONE and LIBERTY should be launched worldwide during this second half of 2022. By then, the South Korean developer begins to deliver some details about the game and its contents. The official website, for example, reveals the narrative frame of the world of Throne and Liberty.

Somewhere in the magical land of Solisium, an artifact begins to scintil down. Kazar, the spectrum of the conquest, wakes up with its long sleep.
Imprisoned for centuries within the Sword of Conquest, Kazar was resurrected by the ambitious Revil Lupius. After conquering the castle of Solisium, they captured Calalanthia, a young girl cursed by a sileve faction. They are animated by the desire to bring together all the fragments of the Star of Silaves, an old object with immense powers…

[NCSOFT] Throne and Liberty - Official Trailer | Work in Progress | NCSOFT

If this narrative base reminds others and does not seem particularly original, it lays the foundation for a faction conflict that should be at the heart of the gameplay – Throne and Liberty promises in particular major clashes.

The development team also publishes a first series of images illustrating the world of Throne and Liberty. There is the Western fantastic medieval atmosphere of the MMORPG – which opposes the oriental world of project e , which shares the same world as Throne and Liberty but on another continent.
We also discover countries sometimes desert, sometimes lush, whose climate will influence the gameplay (we know, for example, that the spells of electricity gain in power in rainy weather or that those of fire are more efficient in arid areas). Similarly, the developer boasts a world as vertical as horizontal, some areas of which will only be accessible to certain conditions (for example, flying to reach the tray of a cliff). The images also illustrate the mood changes of the game universe according to the time of day or night: some creatures are diurnal while others appear only at night.

The images also highlight the fortress seats (which we know they will occupy a portion of the end-game of Throne and Liberty), and the invocations of colossal creatures that the players can obviously mobilize during these assaults. The studio does not intend to limit the end-game to the PVP since according to NCSOFT, Western players are also bossed for instances and raids and that the game is designed for a global audience.

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