FC Liverpool vs. ManCity.

Klopp against Guardiola, Liverpool against Manchester City – England feverish the title showdown in the Premier League.

Pep Guardiola – again. Again, it goes for Jürgen Klopp against the Spaniard to everything to the title.

“Maybe we could have gained more titles in Dortmund if PEP would not have been with Bavaria. Now it’s similar,” Klopp said in front of the showdown around the championship in England between his FC Liverpool and Manchester City (Sunday, 17:30 clock) : “Imagine if he was not here, we would probably have gained at least one title.”

If he was a “other man,” Klopp said, “I would probably be a bit depressed that Pep Guardiola is constantly training such teams.” But he does not think, “Thank God.”

Klopp against Guardiola, Liverpool against City – In addition to Klopp, England still opposes this title showdown in the Premier League. And the German goes out of a spectacle.

Trend speaks for Klopp

“I expect a good game. I know that often is not the case if two top teams face themselves,” Klopp said, “Our history with City shows that the duels were often very interesting because both teams really existed to have.”

That it may be about the decision on the championship, was unthinkable a few weeks ago. But after ten league victories in series, the Reds are only a point behind leaders and defending champion Manchester – in December there were still 14 counters.

But Klopp does not assume that the master is already established on Sunday. “When we win, we have two points ahead, does anyone believe it’s done with it?” Said the 54-year-old and counted further: “Let’s lose four points. If we play a draw, we have a draw Point residue – that’s it. ” After the duel there are still seven league lots on the program.

But the trend speaks this time for Klopp. “I do not see a clear favorite role, but it speaks a lot for Liverpool,” said the former national player and Sky expert Dietmar Hamann the “Sid”: “You are now scary and cash in barely goals.”

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FC Liverpool dreams of quadruple

And that’s why the fans in Liverpool dream of the quadruple this season. You have already won the League Cup – but the end opponent around the three remaining trophies probably means many again. Also in the FA Cup semi-final on April 16, it is against the sky blue, which are also possible counterparty in the Champions League final (28 May) in Paris.

But now only the Sunday counts. And Klopp feels comfortable to be the hunter. “There’s no pressure, it’s just a chance,” he said, swarming Guardiola (“Best Trainer in the World”) and City (“Irrome Team”).

He could not claim that he “love, but I really like to see City. They have no weaknesses”. But the “good” is that “we are not too bad either.” And so it goes between Klopp and Guardiola around the title. Yet again.

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