Instead 9,99 Euro now for free: Steam gives away MMO with top

On Steam is currently running an exciting free action: PC players can now secure the MMO Black Desert for free and then retain forever. But the action is only running for a short time.

Black Desert Dust for free: Steam gives away huge MMO

Not only the Epic Games Store offers its users at regular intervals new free games, also Steam organizes some gift campaigns from time to time, of which players can benefit.

Currently there is the possibility to dust the large Open-World-MMO Black Desert free of charge in Valves Online Shop . The gift campaign is still running until April 13 at 19:00 – Normally, the game costs 9.99 euros on Steam. One monthly subscription or other additional costs need not fear players, because Black Desert is a classic buy-to-play game .

__Black desert online for free on Steam

Players can acquire item packages in the shop, which include various equipment, discount vouchers and ingame currency.

_Ein first impression of the gameplay of Black Desert you get, if you take a look into the trailer shipyard: _

For whom worth a look in Black Desert?

On Steam rate 75 percent of all players Black Desert positive . Most fans love the chic graphics , the extensive character editor and the crisp and action-like combat system.

__Black desert online for free on Steam

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For impatient, Black Desert is nothing . According to various reports, the game often reports in hours of grinding sessions. In addition, it does not offer crazy possibilities to interact with other players. While there are some PVP content, but those who want to quest themselves together with players will quickly realize that Black Desert was more designed for single players.

Who does not bother because Black Desert offers an interesting MMO, where you can potentially spend hundreds of hours. And if you are still not sure, you can simply play free and uninstall it directly back in case of cases.

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