Rumors of a Destiny series make the round

Bungie should have banned all players from taking this into Trials
Games have been found not only in their own medium, namely as a game for desktop, console or smartphone, but develop to true multi-formats and multiverse. One of the best examples is about League of Legends! There was only the Moba and the Lore behind it, you now get a lot of games that address the most diverse game types – such as TFT as a carattler, Legends of Runeterra as a collection card game or Ruined King’s RUNED KING: A League of Legends Story.

In addition, entertainment projects for nonlinear television, with the streaming series Arcane of Fortiche , comics and books and much more. Was Lol initially only a superpopular game, LOL is now a superpopular brand. And that’s Destiny in the eyes of Bungie seemingly too. Massive explosions offers the Destiny Universe as well as iconic characters. Source: bungie

Senior producer wanted for linear destiny media

At the job advertisements for Destiny, a request has appeared to search for a Senior Producer for Linear Media. To do this, the description: “As a Senior Producer for Linear Media of Destiny, they produce projects that expand the franchise into new categories such as television, films, books, comics and audio formats. As a senior producer, you work with the creative line and external partners together To ensure that linear media projects comply with milestones that do not exceed budget and represent destiny at the highest level. “

One would like to stretch out his sensors, it seems, and also away from the usual production cycle of Destiny 2 (Buy 21,90 €) the sheeps to dry. And a series, animated or real, would be a perfect complement for Destiny 2 – I’ll tell you why.

Performance: The Content Safe and Sunseted Content

The anger cooks high in many players from Destiny, if you take the word content safe only in the mouth. Because the fans are on the feet of war with the bungie decision, from clearness and balancing reasons to take the content of old extensions from the game, to sunset them, so to speak, and cancel them for later Shenanigans in the content safe. The trouble is comprehensible, so at least once a year game content for which you have paid good money, simply removed after a certain runtime. Yes, the developers true the clarity. Yes, so balancing the sandbox is easy. Nevertheless, it’s never a good decision to take something to players.
What Ghaul has made with the speaker is currently not playable in Destiny 2 – content-safe and latent cleanup of bungie. Source: bungie
This happened already with the 2020er expansion beyond the light and the introduction of New Light, because the original Destiny 2 campaign disappeared around the red battle and dominus Ghaul. And now, with the release of witch king, the contents of Forsaken have made the bending. Say: For the uninitiated, who never played this content, gives a blatant story gap in the game. Which is never really well veiled by the developers. For example, in armsfer-Strike (and others), Soundfiles can still be played by Cayde. Cayde, the then boss of the hunter guardian of the vanguard, is no longer found in the game.

Because killed.
Producing and provoking epic moments: The developers of Bungie have long been. Source: bungie

A Destiny series would be the perfect collapse basin

And at this point, a Destiny series would come into play. The people of Bungie have proven last year that they have found the right approach to great storytelling with the seasonally evolving story of Destiny 2. The sudden emergence of crow, for example, was, to say the least, Mindblowing. The pact with the daughter of Kabal boss Calus: Impossible, but exciting. The whole storybogen with Osiris and then Savathûn.
In the live action trailer, the “for the puppies” torque was a real roarer. And because Destiny is a universe of seriousness and drama, but also humor, that would be a great mix. Drama and humor are well received by seeing supernatural, Lucifer or Castle. Source: bungie
The attacks of the VEX and the house of light that found a place in the last city – and as the alien folk, which is usually spinnefind. Even if the campaign has left me personally from beyond the light (marriageehhe), so the small and large stories of the seasons have packed and no longer released.

As I said: The original campaign around Dominus Ghaul and his attempt to smolder the traveler so that we lose guardians our light is no longer in the game. She was really grandiose staged. And that could be transferred to a serial format, right? With a group of heroes who confesses the vanguard, and it would not even bother me if it is not my character to tell the story. But someone.

And do you know why I do not care? Because I want this story told at all! With the vanguard Destiny has already established real heroes!
We do not even need new heroes for the series. Characters like Ikora, Zavala, Cayde, Shaxx, Osiris, Suraya, Eris and many more offer a lot of fabric for hero stories. Source: bungie
How was that speaker? With Ghaul’s ally? How was that in Destiny 1 with Eris Morn? The history of the Shares and Savathûns alone in BYFS Story project has a length of several hours. The Story of Destiny is so extensive and diverse that it would be a pity if small as large stories were lost due to transitions after moving into the content-vault. Please, bungie, makes series. And if it’s cheaper, then makes animated consequences. The style of Destiny is so unique anyway that it would be difficult to depict that in a real-foil, without us landing directly in the Uncanny Valley.

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