[Weekly Trehan] “Star Receiving Star Records Latest Version” of Murarien “April 3rd-April 9th of April is this!

Weekly Treasure Hunt ” that I’m worried about when I missed or when the timing was not fitted, and I will introduce the game information and entertainment information to be buried in one of the “ Weekly Treasure Hunt ” from April 32 It is April 9th. It is a rough introduction, but fortunate you find a treasure for everyone.

WORLD RESET? & NEW BEGINNINGS | April 2022 Collective Reading Numerology & Astrology World Forecast

CO-OP Action “Generation Zero” update “Base Assault” delivery start

Fnix base of procedural generation that evolves difficulty, layout, and challenge appeared.

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# Roll Play First Afro Fantasy MMORPG “The Wagadu Chronicles” Alpha Trailer

African continent mythology and ethnicity, works with roots.

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# Map design commentary of “Overwatch 2”

Don’t repeat the tragedy of Hanamura, Lunakolo and Paris….

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# “Humble Bundle” Started offer for April 2022

In the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, “NARUTO TO BORUTO Sinobi Striker” is “SPACE ACCIDENT”….

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Logit Light Action “Rogue Legacy 2” Official Release Sunday

Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE scheduled to be distributed on April 28th.

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# “ORCS MUST DIE! 3” DLC “Tipping the Scales” delivery start

A number of new elements such as new biomes, tribes, gears and skin appeared.

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# 2D Death Match Shooter “Soldat 2” Large-scale update “Total rehaul” distribution date determination

It will be delivered on April 13 locally. It is said that all parts have been improved.

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# Card game + Tower Defense “ORX” demo version delivery

Graphic is impressive.

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# LEGO group and EPIC Games conclude partnership

All age children can enjoy together, there is a sense of immersive, and to construct an attractive digital experience that gives creative inspiration.

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