Wow: If DragonFlight becomes a mobile title, we have an immortal 2.0

The Blizzcon 2018 will remain painfully remember, especially Diablo fans. Instead of the long-awaited announcement from Diablo 4, Principal Game Designer Wyatt Cheng stepped onto the stage and announced the Diablo offshoot for the smartphone . The only positive for the community was because of these two iconic memes have arisen: “Do not you guys have phones?” And “is this on out-of-season April Fools Joke?”.

My Weird Wishlist For WoW Next Expansion (Dragonflight)

WoW player could experience a similar destiny, should be the DragonFlight Leak as the mobile title turnout, which has been scheduled for years for WOW (now buying) and is allegedly officially announced in May 2022. Although the Blizzard Event will be announced on 19 April 2022 in contrast to Diablo in any case a new enlargement for WOW, fans, however, the topic “Dragon Enlargement” has recently been so often presented that one now “Something with kite “expected.

The leaks could be disased blizzard

Having known that Patch 9.2 is the last big patch of Shadowlands, WoW began again the Leak season. Accounts with secret information from the aunt whose half-brother whose brother-in-law works at Blizzard, the “Leaks” rinsed into the well-known WOW forums.

Journey to DragonMire , Ashes of Galakaros , Awakings and recently DragonFlight \ – All “Leaks” have something with dragons as a main theme. Dragon, that fits to Wow like the fist on the eye. This looks like a “back to the roots”, as a deserved break for WOW players who had to walk around in the last extensions with ever larger deities and cosmic powers and other superlatives of the Lore. Dragon aspects that act like pacts, Cool Dragon Transmogs, the Dragon Islands, the continuation of the storyline for Furorion, Azeroth as a dragon (?) – The community is already painting out how the dragon extension could look like and is positive.

Disappointment preprogrammed?

If Game Director Ion Hazzikostas – or whoever takes the word – on 19 April 2022 and not announced the next WOW extension DragonFlight, but the next big fight against cosmic powers and then presented at DragonFlight as a mobile title, burns But sometimes something of the hut into the wow forums.

And Blizzard could not even . The plans for a WOW mobile title have been standing for half an eternity. The fact that you may have prepared the launch for the mobile title under the domain, would no longer be prevented to change the title.

DragonFlight could be the best, sophisticated mobile wow game in the world, that you can color. But the comparison to Immortal and the degradation of hopes for the WOW dragon extension would automatically lead to the next immortal fiasco .

That would not only be a very bad sign for Wow and Diablo, but also for upcoming Blizzard mobile games. Two disaster announcements for mobile titles in succession would virtually mean the death shock for upcoming mobile projects, from which one seems to promise much in Irvine. What does you think will be in the community, DragonFlight should be “only” the new mobile game should be and the upcoming WoW extension does not even turn around Dragon? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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