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“First we had no luck, then bad luck…”

The legendary saying of “Kobra” Jürgen Wegmann probably best describes my past weeks on the island. In my last column, it was still around the booster in Table and Corona. In my 23 games as number 1 we make on average two points per game, I play a whopping nine times to zero and we are at the top of the League One table. The third vaccine against the virus gives me a good feeling of health. All Paletti, until… yes, until after the turn of the year, the coronavirus meets my family and me. But one after anonther.

Despite the vaccinations on November 27, 2021, we have to struggle with quite symptoms from 6 January. And many of my fellow players also meet us more or less. Although we could have shed our upcoming games according to regulations, the team must play. And that’s not good, we give very important points through the 3: 3 against Wycombe and 1: 3 against Lincoln.

I myself come back after seven days quarantine. Another test on the eighth day is positive. And yet I play the following day and after a negative test against Accrington this time. A victory does not want to succeed, the game ends 1: 1. I’m not feeling well, I feel a pulling in the chest and my energy level is completely down. Nevertheless, I have brought a good performance in the square and in the next game follows a great victory against Portsmouth and 2nd place 2 of the table. However, I’m physically anything but 100 percent, but of course wants to help the team.

The big crash – and I’m physically worse

A week later then the big crash. We lose a away from 0: 6 in Bolton and everything really goes wrong, what can go wrong while the opponent succeeds. Our coach Lee Johnson will all be surprisingly dismissed for us. He was he who brought me to Sunderland. A bad omen, what else comes?

First, we pick up the legend Jermain Defoe at the Deadline Day. 40,000 spectators want to see the former Tottenham star, who finished his career at the end of March then in the stadium. And go to a disappointed home: without coach and without any game idea we lose 1: 2 against Doncaster and slides on # 3 place in the table.

Myself is physically ever worse; Short breath, dizziness, body aches, headache and chills have been added to the existing symptoms. I speak with my goalkeeper trainer and say that I can no longer be able to play and adequately support the team. A few days later I am allowed to investigate and treatments to Munich.

Ron-Thorben Hoffmann is Class. CREWE v SUNDERLAND PREVIEW.

For the effective purchase option for reassembly only two games are missing

In mid-February, I finally fit again. The same can not be said of the club unfortunately. In the table we are slipped, standing in 7th place, a new coach is on site. He pursues another concept and I take together with my teammate Leon Dajaku, with whom I came from Germany on the bank. Uff.

After the physical misery thanks to Corona, I have to deal with a new situation. Everyone knows that just in football only this is here and now. Despite strong achievements, there is no chance to come back to the gate for me. It would have used only two games at 25 to make the joint purchase option with a recruitment to be effective and playing for the long term for the SAFC. Such a experience is brutal, but belongs to football business.

How do I deal with it? I want to play like every professional. And I want this here, at the top of the north-east of England, in this legendary and in the positive sense “crazy club” do. We are currently in place 6 – which we would qualify for the play-offs. It was brought to me so I, even with my experience of Bayern, contributes to that we rise. That’s my commitment. Above all, our unique fans have earned, which are already Champions League-Ripe.

I train hard, make many extra units to keep my top fit and prepare at the next step. Let’s see what’s coming…

Ron-Thoben Hoffmann (22) learned the goalkeeping game in his homeland near Hansa Rostock, before he moved over Hertha BSC and RB Leipzig to Bavaria Munich and played for the second team 36 Third and 13 Regionalliga Games. In summer, the former U-18 national player moved to lending including the purchase option to the English third division AFC Sunderland. His experiences on the island he shares from now on regularly in his column.

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