What is an ascendant in Fortnite? (and how to use them)

The map has received a series of changes for fortnite chapter 3 season 2 and one of the novelties is the incorporation of mechanisms called ascending . For one of the season missions, players should use an ascended at Chonker’s Speedway or Command Cavern and in this guide we will explain everything you need to know to complete the challenge and win that XP.

What are Fortnite ascendants

Ascendants seem vertical tyrolines to which players can get hooked to climb quickly. These are often found at the bottom of aircraft that float in the air, or other high-range sites, such as high cliffs and mountains.

We have included a screenshot of how a fortnite ascend below is seen.

Use an ascender in Fortnite

To use an ascender, walk towards it and press X at Xbox, Square on PlayStation, and Switch or E on PC to use it. Doing so will make your character rise down the elevator to the top.

You can release an ascendant at any time by pressing A / X / B / Space.

Where to find ascending in Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern

Ascending in Chonker’s Speedway can be found at the northwest corner of the track, on the north side of the cliff marked on the map below.

Ascending in Command Cavern is much easier to find. Simply land at the IO aircraft in the north of this location named and look for one of the vertical zip lines that hang from it. We have also marked the location of one of these on the map for your convenience.

That’s all you need to know about Fortnite Ascending **. To get more tips and tricks about the current season, be sure to search Chonker or consult our game coverage below.

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Use an Ascender at Chonker's Speedway and Command Cavern - Fortnite
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