A classic Power Ranger would return in the new season of the show

This year, the Power Rangers franchise will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, and it seems that hasbro will be celebrating it big. Power Rangers: Dino Fury will come to an end with its second season at Netflix this year, and according to a recent rumor, a classic hero of this beloved series could return as part of a special episode.

According to The Illuminedi, Hasbro wants to bring back to David Yost , who played Ranger Blue in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers , for a last appearance at season 30. However, this same portal also mentions that Yost will only be “one of the many classic ** rangers that would resume their respective papers”, although at the moment we do not know who could be the others.

Power Ranger Returns For 30th Anniversary Season | Netflix Series

HASBRO has not yet revealed exactly what your plans are to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ** Power Rangers, but this type of crossovers have already happened in the past, so it would make sense to do something so important For this new season of the show.

Editor’s note: I always loved the crossovers in Power Rangers. Seeing the old heroes of the series Meet with the new ones was a feeling like no other, and although today this kind of thing is quite popular, at that time it was something truly special.

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