Dragon Age 4 will put on characters with even more personality

Dragon Age 4 to the hottest anticipated games in the RPG area – but the information about the sequel is so far sown only sparse. After all, the release is still in far away from afar , gameplay scenes do not really exist. But always the developers chat behind the scenes from the sewing box, betrayed, for example, on which return we are welcomed. In the latest blog post from Bioware there is also info crumbs. In this wait – for more transparency – further insights into the team of Bioware, which works on Dragon Age 4. It is particularly interesting what Technical Director has revealed.

Better characters are in focus of Dragon Age 4

The Technical Director is actually responsible for coordinating the necessary tools for developers and the finished software for players. It is important to emphasize that Dragon Age 4 will continue to use Frostbyte as Engine, although Mass Effect returns to the Unreal Engine for the next part (after Andromeda ran on frostbyte). These tools should also help the heart of every Dragon Age game to make the characters even better:

New Dragon Age 4 Concept Characters Analysis! (Gamescom 2020 Trailer)
_ “I can not wait to talk more about some of the interesting things we have done on the technical side for Dragon Age. We take the characters very seriously and do a lot to give you more personality than you Ever had in the past . I can not say more yet, but we’ll be with the time! “_ The different companions and allies from Dragon Age 3 are still in mind many fans today. Source: RPG area

Characters: Always the strength of Dragon Age

Deposit figures, relationships and stories around the companions, which stand aside in struggles, were always one of the strengths of Dragon Age. That started with Morrigan, Alistair, Leliana & Co. in Dragon Age: Origins. The controversy Dragon Age 2 also shone with companions as with Fenris, Isabella, different and Varric. And Dragon Age: Inquisition put us fascinating heroes like Dorian, Solas, Cassandra and Iron Bull to the side! So if the developers think that part 4 companions will offer even more personality, we are already very curious.

Further information, such as a release date, still stand out or in the head of the decision maker at Bioware. In this sense, players still need to be patient, because at the EA Play, for example, there will be no presence of bioware – nothing new to Mass Effect, nothing new to Dragon Age. Which character is your favorite from the Dragon Age series? Is there anyone you absolutely want to have in Part 4? Write it to us in the comments!

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