Hold on your V-Bucks, Fortnite could get a leave

An annual passes could come Fortnite next year. It is noted _Fortnite Data Minor Lucasi7yoshi searched the files for updating 11.30 and found more details as possible to suggest that it is a real change that will come in the game.


“Annual Pass” is mentioned in some game files, and a detailed message that will appear for players has also been updated. “Buy all Fortnite Battle Royale 2020: Battle Bundles and 7 exclusive Cosmetics of the Annual Pass. The combat bundles unlock 25% of the contents of each battle pass instantly as soon as it exit.”, Reads the message that will apparently present the player base for this new annual pass.

Neither the release date of the annual passes nor a price have been confirmed, although it is said that it would cost 7800 V-bucks, the premium currency of the game.

Lucas7yoshi has also worked hard, derifying all the new cosmetics that will be added to the game, which it seems there a lot. Buying the Annual Pass will allow you to get all Battle Passes for next year, instantly unlocking 25% of the contents of each Battle Pass and the exclusive cosmetics.

It seems unlikely that we had to wait longer to learn more about the annual passes because it is logical that EPIC begins to sell it before the end of the year. I expect this to be posted very soon.

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