God of War: Play the Kratos of the original trilogy with this mod!

Since the release of God of War (2018) on PC, the community no longer stops modding. Although most mods aim to provide more features, some prefer to turn to the past for the sake of nostalgia. This is the case of the moder we are going to present today, and if you are fans of the original trilogy, you will be served!


the god of war and mods

The excellent God of War (2018) received a very successful portage on PC last January, and in addition to offering a magnificent rendering and a very fluid grip, this version of the game has made it possible to unleash creativity of the community thanks to the mods . As a reminder, mods are changes made to a video game by a third party, for personal use or to share with other players. It can be Cosmetic Changes at the level of the environment or characters, but also about functionalities present at stake, and even the introduction of news in terms of gameplay.

Recently, we introduced you to the Draft of UNMOD to incarnate Atreus, the son of Kratos. With him, you do not just take the appearance of the boy keeping the Moveset of his father, but to enjoy new animations, as much in terms of the movement of the character as his attacks . The same smell has also worked on many projects, and although some are very practical – we think about its advanced photo – others are a little more crazy, like its character editor that really does not really no limit. But if all these changes impress you and you prefer to return to the sources, there is also a mod for that!

Kratos returns with an Olympic form

Omegafantasy, a fairly prolific moder of the GOD of War community, has recently put online a mod to change the appearance of Kratos so that it sports one of the most popular designs of the players: that Degod of War III . This MOD is not just to change the 3D model of Kratos, but also to give it its favorite weapons, namely the blades of the exile, the Olympus blade, and the Cestes of Nemea . We then find all the magnitude of the half-god of the time of his assault on Mount Olympus. Omegafantasy has taken the time of present its creation in a video featuring the confrontation of Kratos against Baldur, and the result is quite bluffing:

As you can see, Omegafantas has accomplished a real job of Titan, and its YouTube channel is full of similar videos featuring the many mods it has created from the output of God of War on PC , as replacing Kratos by Deimos and even by Thanos, the big naughty of phase 3 of the MCU. Unfortunately, Omegafantasy’s Mod is not yet available for the public, unless subscribe to its page Patreon at € 4.50 or wait a few weeks for the mod to become free. . You do not want to wait, know that there is an alternative mod that also replaces the Kratos model with that of God of War III, although it is less pushed than that of Omegafantasy. For interests, you can find this mod on this page.


__Commander GOD OF WAR (2018)


THE TRUE GOD KRATOS VS Final Boss Baldur - GOW3 Kratos is Back! (God of War PC Mod)


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Patreon is really new video game cancer….

There was a time, people were making mods for pleasure and community…

Today if you have not 5 € you have no mods….

Read more…

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