Lol: ocelot talks about Perkz, cheating and the failure of G2 Esports last season

OCELOTE is the best-known owner in the history of the ESPORT clubs. The past of him as a professional player of League of Legends paved the way to found G2 ESPORTS and turn it into which he defends as “the most successful organization in the world”. However, the history of the team is full of controversies. Situations on which the president has no problems in pronunciation to defend as impeccable most of a series of controversial decisions taken for the purpose of gaining as many titles as possible.

The keys to the success of G2 ESPORTS in League of Legends

In a fabulous interview granted to Middle Inven Global, Ocelote has not had problems over reviewing some of the most controversial moments of the organization over the past few months. With regard to the Template of League of Legends, G2 ESPORTS has had to be rebuilt, maintaining only two of the players who were part of the failure that during the 2021 season did not earn any title and stay out of the Worlds. A farewell with Wunder, Mikyx and Rekkles that monopolized the first minutes of the talk.

Precisely about the shooter was over who started talking ollote. The owner of G2 ESPORTS assured that he was aware that the reconstruction of the team “was bad for the business”, but he wanted to emphasize that regardless of the results in the Spring Split of LEC 2022, he would have acted from it. “We sometimes fail, but it is because we try things. We try to be the numbers 1. Sometimes it is accepted and others do not. G2’s legacy is based on the relationship between successes and failures (…). We have committed a few mistakes, but we have successful a lot of times, “he explained.

Still commenting on the situation of the League of Legends team in 2021, ocelot continued: “ We are the most successful team of the ESPORTS if we talk about the top games. There is no other organization that plays constantly final in all games. There is a reason for it (…) We felt that we did not have any control over the team. When players play together so long and they are successful, bad habits begin. Then it is when you need to make changes. ” However, he does not regret the signing of Rekkles since, according to him, “being able to put it together with Caps was a unique opportunity that we should take advantage of”

In this sense, Ocelote highlighted at all times that to be the number one you have to make decisions and that these can be erroneous. In essence, the owner came to point out a very simple premise: Although nobody wants to fail, the fear of doing so can not condition the elections taken by the club. A philosophy of which Samurai has made gala on numerous occasions. Also in Valorant, for example, they were not afraid to sit on the bench to their franchise player when they thought that it could be the best option.

The relationship with Perkz and the G2 ESPORTS traps

VIT Perkz About Carlos Ocelote and G2

Another section of the interview focused on the relationship between Ocelote and Perkz . The departure of the club in 2020 and the return to Europe in the later year have been the subject of debate between the community. It is famous the contractual clause that avoided any future sale to FNATIC and the initial refusal of selling it to the British club. However, the owner also wanted to end up with some myths, ensuring that “there was only one place in the world to which Perkz could not go” and that there were offers of “ Misfits Gaming and Team Vitality “.

On this situation, he clarified that it was a second movement that led Perkz to Cloud 9: “We wanted Alphari staying in Europe so that Perkz remained on a Lec team, but it did not come out. Alphari picked up a plane to Utrecht and signed with Team Liquid . Once the European Superequippero Project was dead, Perkz decided that no team was good enough for its purposes. ” Ollote also commented that this was one of the few things that affected him personally because of his good relationship with the Mid Lanner and that since then it avoids being so close to concentrate “in the goal of winning and entertaining, the goals of G2 Esports “.

OCELOTE also did not want to avoid the discussion about reading that G2 ESPORTS makes of the Regulation. Although the clause was not prohibited by Riot Games until after it was discovered, the organization has also been accused of ‘poaching‘. This term refers to contacts made by teams with players who are still under contract to facilitate A future signing and prevent them from renovating with his team. However, the Founder of the Club was defended by ensuring that his players “are being constantly bombed even if they still have a contract.”

“We have been affected by poaching throughout our existence.
We play with the same rules book that all others use, but I do it better (…) on the theoretical scenario that I break a norm, I would only do it if everyone else is doing it .
That is my official statement (…) 50 or 60% of LEC and LCS teams are doing the same.
They make poaching regularly, constantly, “the owner of G2 Esports concluded just before ending the interview.

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