10 Best Switch Games to Play Transportation

You will not tell you anything: with its broad game catalog, its compact design and its autonomy more than correct, the Nintendo Switch presents itself as the portable console par excellence. It is therefore entirely adapted to transport routes, whether short, long or endless. In this article, we reveal our list of titles to have a good time in these different cases.


5-10 min route


For a small trip, you need a very easy-to-hand game and which provides immediate pleasure, history not to lose a second: Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is the perfect candidate in this area. As the name suggests, This is the stunning meeting between the Tetris series and Puyo Puyo , which is more or less its Japanese equivalent. In this one, you will have to align / superpose four small blobs of the same color so that they disappear and make you win points. But beware, with Puyo Puyo, the important thing are the combos. The game will have fun thus combining the two licenses according to many game modes, as exchange, which alternates Puyo Puyo and Tetris at a regular pace. Cherry on the cake: everything can be done with two players.

  • Note on JV : 17/20


Despite its souls sometimes particularly tough, Baba Is You is a game that actually adapts to small sessions. Why is that ? Because its puzzles are based on a simple principle – in any case in appearance – and a very readable graphic style . If you have not heard of Baba Is You: It’s a game of puzzles where you can literally change the rules of the game, aligning blocks. Place the “Baba” items (your little hero) “is” and “pebbles” and your character will turn into a sublime rock. To be more resistant and for example through a lava flow. Baba Is You levels have the advantage of being short and distinct. What to dig meninges a few minutes.

  • Note on JV : 17/20

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Always in the category of Game puzzles, here come Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. It’s a game at the base out on Wii U, arrived at Nintendo Switch in 2018, and showing the very famous Sidekick de Mario. For its own adventure, The hero must find treasures in levels that play a lot on prospects . It will therefore take advantage of the assets of the Nintendo Switch (touch screen, gyroscope) to rotate the levels and get the hand on all their wealth. As Baba Is You, Captain Toad focused on very short game sequences, which are perfect for small trips. There is also a coop mode.

  • Note on JV : 14/20

And we do not forget:

  • Tetris 99 (17/20)

10-20 min path

Super Mario Odyssey

Of course, a longer journey paves the way for sessions on “more complex” games, where you have to invest more, but can not afford too much to drag. On this point, the great Super Mario Odyssey is a candidate of choice. The adventures of the most famous Moustachu plumber are as well adapted for a few minutes of play as for longer sessions . All is made possible thanks to the “moons”, famous rewards that replace traditional stars and can hide just about anywhere in the levels. A point that had a little disappointed at the exit of the title but which adapts perfectly to the nature of the Nintendo Switch. Mario Odyssey, a reference on this machine.

  • Note on JV : 19/20

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Other unmissable from the Big N console: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, who has just inaugurated his “Additional Circuits Pass” already adding eight new tracks – and forty others by the end of next year – at 48 which are already present. Suffice to say that there is something to do. You probably already understood it: With its fast, dynamic and very pleasant shopping , there is no need to spend a lot of time on Mario Kart for his dose. Between 10 and 20 minutes of play leaves you the time to work your best time on your favorite race, or chain a full grand prize in the hope of having the famous three stars everywhere. Better: If you are with a friend, it gives you the opportunity to take up a small challenge with the multiplayer.

  • Note on JV : 18/20

Kirby and the forgotten world

It’s hot and it just comes out on Nintendo Switch: it’s Kirby and the forgotten world. These are the first adventures of the small pink ball in 3D. For the occasion, the levels and formula of the rounded hero open leaving more space for exploration, secrets. Even though we are clearly not in the presence of a Mario Odyssey-bis: here, Levels are rather short and distinct , which allows you to start a small part on a short trip. Above all, Kirby and the forgotten world also embarks a treasure road, with even more condensed areas but the more raised challenge. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Not to mention the fact of returning to a level already visited to find other secrets.

  • Note on JV : 17/20

And we do not forget:

  • Celeste (18/20)
  • FAST: RMX (15/20)
  • Metroid: Dread (18/20)
  • Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (16/20)
  • Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy (15/20)
  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (16/20)

Trip from 20-30 min


We finally arrive at more comfortable game sessions, which leave the time to overcome a challenge that can give a hard time. In this category, what better than a rogue-lite? In recent years, the master’s matter has been called Hades, the Supergiant Games studio. The title is simply a form of culmination for the kind , thanks to an excellent gameplay, modifiers embodied by the gods of Greek mythology and a story that takes perfectly into account the fact of starting again again and again. You will understand it: a very good game to have a good time. It will only crosse your fingers to avoid your destination during a boss. If so, it’s simple: put the switch on standby.

  • Note on JV : 18/20

Dead Cells

Another rogue-lite that also made a lot of talk when leaving: Dead Cells, made by the Bordeaux of Motion Twin. Here, no isometric view to the Hades, but a truly effective 2D, which is based on 3D assets to give life to its characters. On Dead Cells, which impresses the most is the pleasure we feel after a few minutes of play . With the right improvements, your character will be able to run at full speed at levels and piercing his enemies at any Berzingue. Of course, it will be necessary to take care not to do anything either: composing its build with meticulousness and pay attention to its health are key elements to reach the end of the game. So do not be too greedy.

  • Note on JV : 18/20


When the creators of the excellent FTL: Faster Than Light work on a new title, so to say that the expectations are big. And it falls well, because the tactical game Into the Breach has not disappointed at all when leaving, in 2017. Under its apparent simplicity hides a game with a rather crazy depth . Your goal: to prevent the extraterrestrial invader inflicting damage to the planet Earth, on top boxes by eight. To do this, you will have three units available as well as the facts and gestures of the opponents during next rounds. You will have to systematically weigh the pros and against risks and benefits to make the most of your machines without taking too much damage. In addition, annexed quests and ways to improve your ships. It’s simple yes, but far from being simplistic.

  • Note on JV : 17/20

And we do not forget:

  • Children of Morta (15/20)
  • Mario + The Critinian Rabbits Kingdom Battle (17/20)

Family ride

51 Worldwide Games

Finally, a small bonus for a family trip, 51 Worldwide Games. You have probably already heard of 42 timeless games on Nintendo DS. Well, the game that interests us is pretty much the same thing but on a new support and with nine additional games. The idea is simple: Provide the large classics of the board game clearly and compact . Thus, the failures, the equivalent of power 4, darts, ladies, etc. Of course, when possible, there is local multiplayer, up to two to four on one and the same switch (it is also possible to link them between them for more readability). Cherry on the cake: clear explanations to discover new classics.

  • Note on JV : 17/20

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And we do not forget:

  • Mario Party Superstars (15/20)
  • Warioware: Get It Together! (13/20)
  • Cerebral Academy: Battle of Meninges (14/20)


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