Com2us, USA blocking game publishing company X Populus investment

Com2u (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee), said that it has conducted strategic investment in the American block body game platform and publisher ‘Ex Populus Inc.’, which is a publisher.

The “X Populus” of the US is the value of the value and the Web 3.0 market as a game that is installed on the platform, which is a solid game, We are building a business model to secure competitiveness together. PCs, consoles, mobile-based games are a company equipped with NFT and Marketplace, Token Economy, and is a company with differentiated capabilities in the game market, such as the NFT market and business strategy for platform participation companies.


It is also scheduled to expand the NFT sales range, such as the NFT collection game Lamo (LAMO), LAMO, and the launch of a variety of publishing and its own titles, as well as the launch of a variety of publishing and its own titles.

Com2us is a plan to strengthen the business partnership for the Global Scheduled Games and Platform Markets through the investment of the ‘X Posous’. COM2US is already being invested in promising companies in the field of global blocks, and especially in the Web 3.0 platform C2X, which is participating in MASTER CONTENTS PROVIDER: Major Content Provider (MCP), and is preparing a game lineup.

First, real-time strategy Daejeon game ‘Summer Nourn: Kronick’, ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicle’, ‘Fishing Shin: Crew’, ‘Walkingdead: Identity’, ‘Golf Star Championship’, etc. C2X It is a platform that is mounted on the platform and enters the block chain market, and is a platform and content company leading to a web 3.0 era with several partners in the C2x ecosystem.

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