Consultant reform in handball: an idea for football?

In football it is gear and there is that in the end the clubs denote the intermediaries in a transfer. The crux from it: too often rollers can blur, for example if a player consultant is active for the receiving club and the changing commission. Indirectly, the professional pays the commission. After all, the club has only a specific budget – which so flows to the agency, the player lacks salary. Even if he does not pay formally. So it had ex-national goalkeepers Rene Adler, who works on the transfer market with an app, explained about one year ago opposite the commission, “What the association pays more is indirectly attributed to the player. It would be helpful if the player would be helpful if the player would be helpful Looks: X Euro go to my consultant. That raises awareness of the service. ” The latter is also likely to have been the intention of the associations for a measure, after the player has had to be aimed for quite some time that it is aware of which commission receives a mediator. “I do not know how many players sign the blind or look closely,” said Eagle.

That’s changing in handball – pulls football with?

Handball Rule Explained (in 3 minutes)

The handball now attracts the reins in this regard. The IHF Council adopted a reform of which intermediaries will only represent one party in a transfer in the future and must also be remedied by them. “We are satisfied that the Council of the International Handball Federation has followed our entries. This means that from July 1, 2022, a player who authorizes a player agent to represent his interests has to renew his agent”, Gerd Butzeck is on the Website Eurohandball quotes. Butzeck was a long manager, worked as a consultant in football, now he is chairman of the forum ClubHandball (FCH). This is something like the equivalent to the union of European large clubs in football, the ECA. “The clubs may no longer pay the player’s promoter if it represents the interests of the player,” Butzeck continues to expand. He and the FCH were crucial for the reform, even with the ECA the expertise of the German is in demand.

And the unification of the European top clubs gives politically the t1. So you can see if the football takes similar paths. As a rule, the controller of the clubs like to criticize the consultants, if a moon commission will be known somewhere or the FIFA or national associations publish the amount of the Commission payments. Then in the race to commission the stars again and to renew the agents. Rich 443.9 million euros were paid worldwide worldwide to mediator fee for international transfers, an increase compared to the previous year by 3 million euros – but the transfer funds fell by 13.9 percent over the same period. In reverse, this means that the intermediaries have increased their share of the cake. And this gigantic, absolute number of 443.9 million euros feeds only from international changes, for which national transfers within the respective national borders is likely to be estimated at least the same sum.

In order to become the consultant again, FIFA has also launched a reform in several steps after she had deregulated the mediator market almost a decade. The World Association also has fixed upper limits for commissions. Diverse agents are trying to act legally against the most powerful in the industry, among other things, in the Swiss lobby club “The Football Forum” together: Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes, Jonathan Barnett or Roger Wittmann. The fact that the German mediator association DFVV wants to join in this group ensures annoyance among the agents in this country.

The case Stefan de Vrij

In doing so, a fresh judgment from the Netherlands underpin the need for reforms because it manifests the existence of irrefutable conflicts of interest in multi-party representation. Stefan de Vrij had sued against his ex-agency SEG and the Amsterdam District Court was right the Star of Inter Milan. Obviously, Seg de Vrij had not informed about the amount of its remuneration for the completed transfer of Lazio, which lies between 7.5 and 9.5 million euros depending on the period of the remaining of the Dutch. Although the Agency denies this, but the General Court sees the obligation to notify, which has suffered a financial loss of € 4.75 million. This sum should now pay the 30-year-old, plus interest. No wonder that all in football the push of the handball players in terms of transparency observe – agents, clubs and the control bodies in the associations.

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