DC Universe Online: Fight against Dark Knights starts

DC Universe Online is a MMORPG, which had its first publication before 11 years ago. Even if it did not appear to the start of platform, it is now available everywhere and is still supported. In the newly delivered content you have to assert you against Perpetua and your Dark Knights.

The contents are developed and published episodes. The current episode is about Perpetua, the creator of the multiverse. She escaps her prison, Source Wall, and wants to destroy the good multiverse and aspirate the energy of evil multiverse, with such a power she would not stop. To prevent this, the player with a team of self-created DC heroes and vogue must compete together and compete against Perpetuas Dark Knights.

The episode Dark Knights brings, in addition to the additional story content, new places and characters. Places like Washington D.C. Or the Hall of Justice will hardly be recognized and the scene of different struggles, z. B. against the laughing batman . Other places are, Earth 3 and New Apocolips. New characters include Darkfather and the Devastator.

For all the heroes who makes the player, of course, he should also be remunerated accordingly. New rewards are, for example, the outfits for Wonder Woman and Batman in Deathmetal style or daily gifts by Dr. med. Fate in the house of the legends.

DCUO | Episode 43: Dark Knights

DC Universe Online is free-to-play and provides all episodes for free.

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