Doja Cat dresses PlayStation on your presentation in Coachella

The Annual Music and Arts Festival of Coachella Valley took place last weekend and Pop Doja Cat star was one of the poster heads of the event. As expected, Doja appeared on the last day of the Festival’s first weekend and played several of her successes as “Woman”, “Streets”, “You Right”, “Need to Know” and many others. And although attendees were surely more concentrated in the songs and the actual performance of Doja Cat, the singer was also representing PlayStation on stage.

During the performance of her “Shine” in Coachella, Doja Cat appeared on stage with an outfit that presented the iconography of PlayStation. Specifically, Doja wore a large white tunic containing the symbols of triangle, circle, cross and square with which PlayStation has become synonymous over the years. The tunic itself was also blue and white, which have become the predominant colors that PlayStation has used in recent years since the PS5 was launched. Nothing more associated with PlayStation ended up coming from Doja Cat in Coachella, but it is clear that she could be working more with Sony in the future to promote the videogame brand.

You can see the playstation attire from Doja Cat that she used in Coachella on the Tweet below.

Doja Cat's First Official Coachella Performance, Brings Tyga On Stage | TMZ
Together, this crossing between Doja Cat and PlayStation looks like something we could see more often in the future. Not long after the Coachella set of Doja Cat, she published a video of herself on social networks playing _ratchet & clank: Rift Apart _n ps5, making it clear that she has now associated with Sony to promote the PlayStation brand. This Tweet of Doja Cat was eliminated since then for one reason or another, but it seems evident that PlayStation could be associated with it later in some way.

Do you think we will start seeing PlayStation to associate with more celebrities or musicians like these in the future? Let me know for yourself in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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