Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Theed Kyber Brick Puzzles Solutions

This LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga guide will help you find and solve all the Kyber Brick puzzles in Tide, showing the location of all Kyber Bricks and solutions.


Cyber brick is an important currency in the game LEGO STAR WARS Skywalker Saga, as it allows you to unlock new characters and raise the skill level in the game. There are different ways to earn Kaiberkirpichi in the game, and one of them is just to find them at levels as the game is passing.

This guide helps you find all 26 kaiber bricks in Tie in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

TID KIBER BRIC # 1 – Faith jump

The first cyber brick is located in the northern part of the Tieda, not far from the Royal Palace of Tida. The building where you will find Kaiber brick is located in the southwestern corner. Climb the building to the north of the building to which you want to go. Then you can get close enough to the ledge to get to the tower. Climb on the tower, then climb the stairs. Here you can find kaiber brick in the corner.

Theed Kyber Brick # 2 – Statues are able

This cyber brick can be obtained as a reward for a side task. You can talk to the doors of the palace with the guard who will ask you to help find all the details for the restoration of statues. As soon as you find and repair all the statues, the guard will give you a kaiber brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 3 – Statue Rotation

The puzzle is unlocked as soon as you finish all the statues. You need to turn the statues in the correct position. Rotate the statues in the following order until they look forward (to the stairs): Southeast <South-West <North-West.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 4 – push column

You can access the riddle inside the Tida Palace. Inside the palace you will find four columns, and your goal is to pull the levers over all these levers, moving four columns with unfinished handrails on them. And you have to do it within 20 seconds. As soon as it succeeds, you will see that the locked door on the other side of the hall is open, and you can get your cyber brick.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 5 – Piercing Poles

Go to the Northwest Corner of Tida, and here you will see a cyber brick inside the cage. Turn left from this cell and then look at the buildings of the building. Here you can notice the lever. Pull the lever using any Jedi Character to open the cage.

TID KIBER BRIC # 6 – hidden passage

To do this, you will need Astromech Droid. You can find a locked door LEGO in the northern part of Tieda. Follow the cable to go from the door until you reach the nest of the astromechanics. Destroy the outlet and decide the riddle inside to open the door.

Enter the open door and talk to civilian. After that, destroy the paintings of the amidals to open the hidden levers. Pull them, and another secret door will open. Enter this door, and you will find yourself in the arch. Get to the long end of this walkway and look at the statue of Amidala.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 7 – Sabotage Statues

For this puzzle you will need a character-villain. You just need to destroy the silver statues in the northern part of the Tieda. Use your explosions to destroy silver statues, and you will get cyber brick. The location of the statues will be marked on your card of the hopper.

Theed Kyber Brick # 8 – Swing Spire

Cyber brick is located on top of a high tower located in the northern part of the Tieda. You can find a tower on the southern edge of the front track leading to the Palace of Tid. You need to get up up, climbing the surrounding smaller buildings. Climb the building to the right of the tower, then use Zipline to get to the tower, and then climb it.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 9 – Excellent Balance

On the North Territory of the Pathway, leading to the Palace of Tid, you can see the brick on the board, stretching between the two roofs. You need to rise to this building on the right side, clutching the buildings.

TID KIBER BRIC # 10 – Triumph Arch

You need a trashcar character. Cyber brick is located on the top of the giant arch found in the northern part of the Tieda and crossing the main parade. You can get into this area by climbing the incomplete network on the south side of the building. Complete the network by firing two networks into the lower cells, and climb up. Then go through the arch and get to the Kaiber brick.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 11 – Thief in Tideo is really a thief

Go to the Palace Square and talk to the greenstocking civilian. Civilian – thief, and he invites you to catch him if you want to get it treasure – kaiber brick. Paste it around the city and continue to shoot it until it stifles. Catch it up and get Kyber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 12 – Rotunda Reward

You will get this mystery in the Rotunda building in the North-West Corner of Tiwa. Use the power to move and fold the gray and orange boxes on each other and make the staircase for yourself to get to the cyber brick.


Along the Western Border of the Tida you can find a guard next to the tank. Talk to the guard, then scroll the boxes next to the tank to get the items for the repair of the tank. Once you do it, you are attacked by enemies. Sit into the tank and clean the enemies waves to get kaiber brick.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 14 – High Voltage Villa

BRIC is in the chamber in the northeast corner of Tiy. You need to power two outlets using power items to open the cage. The first power cell is east of the building. Use strength to fold the boxes, and then wake up the vine to get to the battery. The second power cell is located on the building opposite the cell. This cell is hidden behind the pot. Use the cage to open the cage.

Theed Kyber Brick # 15 – Purpose Pillow

Cyber brick locked over a puzzle in North Tide. This is a statue of amidala, surrounded by six buttons. Use any Jedi Character to gain access to strength. Move the brown-beige cylinders on the buttons, and as soon as you click all the buttons, the nearest door will open, and Mynoc will crash out of it. Check your brick inside this door.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 16 – Bounce on the bell tower

In the northern part of the Tida you can find a tower between two bridges crossing the river. Go to the tower from the north and use the elevation to climb the forests around the tower. Get to the top to get Kyber Brick.

TID KIBER BRIC # 17 – blocked

For this puzzle you will need a protocol droid, which is located in the northern part of TiDA. Look for the building north of the Eastern Bridge. You can find a local resident on the north side of the building, complaining about the fact that he forgot the password from his castle. Password is located in the Coruscant District area.

Theed Kyber Brick # 18 – Film Switches

In the northern part of Tid, look for the building to the right of the eastern bridge over the river. Climb the building using a white staircase on the right side of the building. To lower the grid guarding the brick, you need to go to the northern edge of the building and jump on the lever down to activate the lever and lower the grille to get brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 19 – Brick over muddy waters

Brick is located above the river dividing the city of Tid. You need a Jedi character to move blocks on the river to create platforms for which you can jump. Get to the broken statue, then move the blocks to create another way to get to Kaiber Brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 20 – Stack N Grapple

In the southern part of Tida, near the Western Bridge, look for a tower with orange handrails leading to it. Use the character-jedi character to move boxes and create steps to get to the handrail. On the top of the tower you can find kaiber brick.

Theed Kyber Brick # 21 – Dividend in the city center

This kyber brick is located in the northern part of the Tieda, under the western bridge. Stand on the stones next to the bridge and use the hooks to get under the bridge. As soon as you get the Kyber Brick, you can go out, climbing the stones again.

Theed Kyber Brick # 22 – Bug Brain Pod

Theed All Kyber Brick Puzzles LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga
In the southern part of the brick is in a cage in the building. You need to install four sockets around the cage to unlock it. You can shoot a liana on the roof of the building to find out which socket you need to activate on each server to unlock the cage. Install all the chains in the correct socket, and the cell will open, giving you a kaiber brick.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 23 – Problem with Planters

Next to the same area you can find cyber brick, locked in a fixture with several pots. You need to place these pots on the wall next to the device. Place the pots into place, as indicated by their characters using force, and you will get a kaiber brick.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 24 – Thwining in the

You can find it on an area protected by two droids. Check out the northeast building here and you will see a roof brick. Climb the building through the building material lying around the building. Climb the building using building material, and make a spinning jump to get to the brick.

THEED KYBER BRICK # 25 – Tower with Silver Top

The riddle is in the southern part of the TID. Stand up at the entrance to the hangar of Tida, and you will see a high tower with silver grilles on it. You need to climb the tower, and then use a bomb to destroy the grid.

Theed Kyber Brick # 26 – Lightning to Brick

Brick is located in the southern part of the Tieda, and you need a spherical character. Get to the building to the northeast of the entrance to the hangar of Tida. Win droids guarding this building, and then climb up. Rising upstairs, go to the northern corner of the building and put on the glider. Use it to slide to handrails of the nearest building to then climb to the top.

As soon as you find yourself on top of the second building, go to his north side to find zipline. Use it to get to the roof of the Third Building. From here you can jump onto the second zipline with a kaiber brick under it.

Cyber Brick # 27 – Welcome to Tid

Brick is located in the southern part of Tida. You can notice the red terminal next to the arch. Use the villain character to access the terminal and open the door next to it. Enter the door and use the staircase to rise to the arch. In the Arch, jump down from the right corner at the end of the arch, and this will allow you to easily jump onto the platform where Kaiber brick is.

Cyber Brick # 28 – Net Boo

Brick is located in front of the Tiwa hanger, also found in the southern part of the Tida. You need a character who is at the same time and the Jedi and the garrist. You can easily find a brick, because on the wall there is a large grid X.

First, destroy the statue of the amidals behind the grids, then bring three red box with hangers to build a staircase. Then use the network start setting from your garrist to set up networks that you can then climb to get brick.

Kyber Brick # 29 – hanging on a hanger

This brick is in the southernmost point of Tiy. Take inside the hangers and check the southwestern wall of the hanger. Brick can be easily assembled, just switched to a hero character, and then using hands to get to the brick.

cyber brick number 30 – ancient idols

Cyber brick locked for the quest itself. To do this, go to the south of the bridges in TIDE. Here, talk to the NPC in Violet, and she will ask you if you can get it three idols from different planets. Follow the path and go through all the planets to get ids, then return their NPC to get brick.

Cyber Brick number 31 – Sacred textbooks

The last brick can also be found after the quest provided by the same NPC in the same area. You have to gather for her three different textbooks containing sacred knowledge. Just take these books and give them to NPC for your brick.

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