It is reported that Ubisoft is in initial conversations for a possible acquisition

Ubisoft could be one of the next large games of games to be acquired, but not one of the great holders of the platform. Over the years, Ubisoft has done everything possible to stay independent, even reaching a hostile acquisition of Vivendi. It was a quite heated battle that attracted the attention of the whole industry, but Ubisoft finally prevailed and Vivendi retracted from his battle. Despite this, it seems that Ubisoft may be ready to receive the appropriate buyer. Earlier this year, Ubisoft stated that it was open to review any possible acquisition request and it seems that it is beginning to happen.

Bloomberg is informing that Ubisoft is in very early conversations, but not serious, with several private-capital firms such as Blackstone Inc. and KKR & CO.. From now on, there are no signs of whether Ubisoft will really advance or not with an acquisition with These parties. It remains to be seen if the news of these lightweight discussions will push or not to other more powerful parts to get involved. According to reports, PlayStation is interested in acquiring more equipment, so perhaps could become possible suitors. The representatives of Blackstone and KKR refused to comment with Bloomberg, but Ubisoft stated that he has created a solid portfolio and is “in an ideal position to capitalize the emerging opportunities in the midst of the rapid growth of the industry.”

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Ubisoft is one of the largest games editors that exist, not only for its rich IP library, but also because it has a lot of talents thanks to a global network of studies. It makes it a main candidate for an acquisition thanks to its massive reach. Not only that, but Ubisoft has managed to corner the market in several genres thanks to Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs and a series of upcoming free titles. Ubisoft is also working with Disney to produce a new Star Wars game and adapt the James Cameron Avatar series.

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