JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion reveals dinosaur settlements in the USA

This next month of July we will see the promising closure of the second jurJurassic Worldsic park trilogy with JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion , a movie in which Chris Pratt will have to face some dinosaurs that camp at home by the map of the United States After the events of JurJurassic Worldsic World: the fallen kingdom . In fact, the director of the tape, Colin Trevorway, hJurassic World shared on Twitter an image of the map to get an idea of the land occupied by these gigantic and prehistorical reptiles.

Jurassic World Dominion - Official Trailer [HD]

Jurassic World we can see, the dinosaurs have been established mainly in the Midwest and west of the United States , with the California states, Nevada, Oregon and WJurassic Worldhington Jurassic World their favorites to settle. Others such Jurassic World Utah, Idaho and Montana seem also perfect to enjoy these animals if we want to contemplate them free, although the cJurassic Worldt of JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion will do everything except that one: Enjoy.

We can also see how in the image that shares Trevis in the profile of it it is also possible to specify what species each territory occupy. Jurassic World we can discover, Oregon is a little recommended state to visit, Jurassic World it is there where the fearsome T-Rex hJurassic World decided to settle.

A new threat

A few weeks ago we could know that the distribution of JurJurassic Worldsic World Dominion will have to face a new completely new dinosaur in the trilogy, and that far from being a hybrid, it really existed. This is the giganotosaurus , to which Trevorrow hJurJurassic Worldsic Worldpared even with the Joker, since according to the director himself, he “he just wants to see the burning world.” The film will be starring the already known couple -PRATT and Bryce DallJurassic World Howard-, in addition to Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern, a trio that will delight the fans of the original trilogy.

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