Diablo Immortal: A presentation scheduled for today, an announced release date?

Announced at the Blizzcon almost 4 years ago, Diablo Immortal is closer and closer to his exit, and pre-registration is possible on iOS as on Android. But despite recent presentations and the various interviews given, we have not yet had the right to an exit date.


The announcement of Immortal Diablo had made great noise, especially because of the phrase _ “Do not you Guys Have Phones?” _ (You do not have a notebook guys?), Who had strongly irritated the fans. But since then, the title has been presented several times, and the public seems rather reassured about the proposal.

Things advance for Immortal Diablo and other Blizzard games

At the latest news, the official launch of the game was scheduled for the beginning of the year 2022 , but the month of May approaches without it being available. The situation is always very complicated at Blizzard who also continues to prepare for redemption ** by Microsoft, but things seem to start unlocking, with more and more information provided on Diablo IV, a beta for Overwatch 2, And the announcement of the next extension of World of Warcraft, Dranglight.

A new presentation scheduled today

The Moment Diablo Died At Blizzcon 2018 (Hardcore Death Highlight)

Recently, Wyatt Cheng, the Game Director, spoke about the life of the game, indicating that the solo campaign does not work as a classic mission suite, but will offer players a red thread in Their explorations of 8 zones designed, and filled with secondary and ancillary activities.

But if you want to know more about Immortal Diablo, it will not take a long time since Friday night, the official Twitter account of the game gave us an appointment. And this appointment, it will take place Monday, April 25 at 13:30 on YouTube . Do not panic If you see that the start of the presentation is set at 13:15, it is often a launch phase, leaving the weather times to arrive.

The developers have given no precision as to the content and duration of this presentation , but Jason Schreier of Bloomberg said the presentation takes place at the time of publication of the financial results of the firm, and that * We should discover the release date of the game. He reminds the passage that Blizzard has planned soon to unveil one of his Warcraft Mobile games. *


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5 minutes ago

This project is really bizarre! On one side, even if it’s a bit insulting that a PC game publisher make us believe in a new diablo before swinging a mobile game, the title seems to be refined to reach a certain quality, But… who wants to play a diablo on a small screen, with simplified controls for the phone? Then will not take a race beast to run it correctly? So even if it was a free game, which wants to spend 1200 bullets to play?

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