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Released November 2020 on the EPIC Games Store as well as on PlayStation, bugsnax will also be released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series on April 28, 2022. The Young Horses game will also be available in the Game Pass. The arrival on these new platforms thus coincides with the exit of the free extension The Isle of Bigsnax.

The adventure and exploration game board you on the Zenkas Island following the invitation of Elizabert Megafig. However, once arrived on the spot, you will discover that the explorer has mysteriously disappeared and that his camp was ransacked. His companions, meanwhile, find themselves alone and hungry, scattered throughout the island. This is where the bugsnax, half-insect mid-insect creatures that swarm on the island in Zenkas, come into play. Indeed, you will need to draw quantities to feed your new friends.

More than 100 species of bugsnax are to discover and capture in the various biomes of the island. And it’s a food not like the others, since feeding your new companions with these small creatures will give them many new appearances.

The Bigsnax Island, available in the new extension, houses a brand new biome that is full of giant bugsnax. A hundred challenges and 30 additional quests will complement the game. And as a bonus, you will now be the happy owner of a small hut in Snaxburg, which you can personalize as you see for 200 decorations offered.

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