Released Logitech, Ergonomic Votiological Office Wireless Mouse LIFT

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Review
Personal PC peripheral specialist, Logitech, is a comfortable use of human engineering vertical wireless office mouse, ‘LIFT’ on April 25, which is a comfortable use of a comfortable size for Korean hand size.

Logitech Ergonomics, LIFT, is the latest feature of the design of ergonomic design, it is a suitable vertical mouse product for those who need long-term mouse use or feel uncomfortable on wrists. It is the largest strength that Korea’s consumers in Korea can be used without inconvenience, with a small “Asian Fit” size specification, compared to the existing version of the mouse product.

The Logitech’s ergonomic product research institute, Ergo Lab (Ergo Lab) was developed and conducted pre-tested for general consumers, and it boasts a highest completeness as a product that was born after the inspection of human engineering agencies. 57 degrees Vertical angle The vertical mouse structure is equipped with a vertical angle to minimize the wrist pain from the use of mouse, while at the same time, you can maintain a long time natural attitude with the grips that have seen a person’s hand shape. The mouse grip portion is made up of a wavy rubber material to implement a soft grip.

In terms of functionality, practicality and convenience were further enhanced. SMARTWHEEL is applied to automatically switch to high speed mode and precision mode according to scroll rate. Fast documentation and web clipping in high-speed mode, and is also suitable for detailed tasks such as image editing through precision mode. In addition, it is possible to use it quietly with a silent click, and concentration can be increased in a quiet business environment. Using Logitech Options + Software, you can customize the necessary functions, such as screen switching, program execution, and DPI adjustment.

Wireless connectivity is also noteworthy. Bluetooth LE wireless connection is possible, and if the Bluetooth connection is difficult or the required environment is required, you can connect using a Logi Bolt receiver (dongle). The essay switch function is to be paired with up to three devices simultaneously, and can be used, used, and to be used over the device, and the logech flow function that can be used to copy file paste, etc., is also suitable for multi-OS environment.

We also considered eco-friendly elements in product production. In the case of graphite colors, 70% of plastic materials in the product, Fail Gray and Rose Pink color, 54% in the Rose pink color, and the IT peripheral market is also leading Green Move in the IT peripheral market.

Logitech Korea Joe Jung-hoon’s office said, “This LIFT released this time is a non-compatible with a wireless compatibility with the perfect size and convenience,” said Logitech Co., Ltd. “” It is a non-compatible, non-compatible with the perfect size and convenience. ” I want to be strong to those who need it, “he said.

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