Mobile Top Expected Umamusume Pretty Derby Pre-reservation

This year’s Mobile’s top expectation, the ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby’ is ready to achieve a hot domestay, and it will be on the launch of the launch.

Cacao Games (CEO Games) shall carry out the Korean version of the Korean version of the Mobile Games’ Umamusume Pretty Derby (“Umamusume”), which developed by Games (Representative Watanabe Koichi) between 26th,

The ‘Umamusume’, which is ahead of the launch of this year, has exceeded 1,400 million downloads from April 1, after the launch of the Last February last year. I am collecting.

‘Umamusume’ is a surrounding simulation game that fosters a string that is a motif, and aims to win a race to win a race. In particular, this game is characterized by its unique concept and immersion high story development, ▲ stereoscopic character and free foster strategy, ▲ overwhelming, and graphics of excellent cartoon rendering method.

The pre reservation of ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby’ will be held on the Cacao Pre-Reservation page until 26th.

Cacao Games gives all users to all users who participate in advance reservations, and provides a game item ‘Fatigue Recovery Profile 30’, which presents the ‘Jewel 1,500’ and participates in the “Umamusume Priti Derby” KakaoTalk Channel Addition.

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In addition, in the case of the entire pre-reservation target person, it is expected to be achieved by paying a feminine compensation every time it is achieved.

Meanwhile, detailed information on ‘Umamusume’ is a ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby’ brand page, official KakaoTalk channel, and officially open official community.

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