The Last of Us : le remake en approche ?

Rumor instants have been indicating that Naughty Dog has been preparing for a remake for the very first The Last of Us for a very long time, initially released in 2013 and carried on PS4 through a remaster.


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The Last of Us Remak, an old and persistent rumor

The most recent indices mentioned the work of Visual Arts Service Group , a Sony division whose goal is to help internal studios on animations and visuals. She would have worked on a project called 1TX, which would have taken the form of a redesign of Uncharted. An idea that would have put aside for the benefit of The Last of Us, before the project was repatriated to Naughty Dog , however, keeping Visual Arts Service Group in support.

All this made sense for observers when Robert Morrison, who works at Visual Arts Service Group and who would be behind the project, said that several “Bangers” will be released this year, that he is not talking about God of War : Ragnarok, and that he has been working on the project for 3 to 5 years. Information which joins those of VGC and certain insiders , strengthening the credibility of the rumor.

New indices on these remakes identified on the profile of a developer

It is gaining momentum today, with the LinkedIn profile of a quality insurance tester from Naught Dog. The latter, called Corey Hong, worked on The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, multiple non-year-old projects. He also specifies, in a separate way to be currently under work a multiplayer game and a remake not announced. Two titles that have been associated for months ** with a multiplayer game The Last of Us and the remake of the first opus.

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21 minutes ago

I do not understand the point of making the remake of a game of 2013 and which had its remastered in 2014 which more is tlou so yes I had a good time on it without more well as the 2 is clearly not a game that I want to redo it is pleasant to follow the evolution of the characters but other than that remains a sequence: corridor, fight, semi explo, “enigma” and I doubt that the remake changes everything To make a more survival game in open world for example to renew itself.
So apart from the big fans and maybe new players I don’t see who will be really interested in this remake.

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