This War of Mine promises to be on PS5 and Xbox Series for May 10

Released eight years ago, This War of Mine may have never been so topical as for the past two months. The announcement of his reissue on PS5 and Xbox Series for May 10 is accompanied by that of a lifting of donations from 11 bit in the amount of 850,000 dollars intended for people suffering from the war in Ukraine.

The message and the themes addressed in This War of Mine have unfortunately become brutally alive and relevant in recent months. We believe that it is particularly important to educate people on the realities of war at the moment, when its horrifying reality has become a daily fight for people who are close to us. Bit Studios, before continuing: “_We are proud that the recent fundraising of This War of Mine helped us create a spontaneous wave of aid for the victims of the war in Ukraine, and we hope to be able to broadcast our message more Anti-war with This War of Mine: Final Cut “.

11 bit studios has indeed managed to collect $ 850,000 in donations to help victims of the war in Ukraine and, before that, $ 500,000 for the grouping of NGO War Child. Will the release of This War of Mine: Final Cut be an opportunity for the Polish developer to continue his solidarity effort? The press release does not specify it, but we can imagine it. This reissue of the title will embark all the DLCs of This War of Mine: Stories , new quests and a new scenario. It will also offer an improved interface and 4K visuals. This war of mine: Final Cut will therefore arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series on 10, and will be available in the Xbox Game Pass from the day of its release.


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