Launched, Roll Data Service your GG 2.0 formal launch

The League of Legends (Loll) Data Analysis Service, which is operating the Jijijijiji, announced on the 27th that it has officially launched your GG 2.0.

It is a roll data analysis service used by more than 1.1 million users (MAU) as of 2021 as of 2021, starting with the roll -in search service roll doctor in 2016. The company said it provides new design experiences, players ‘indicators, AI -based play analysis, and famous players’ simple search through your GG 2.0 service.

It is analyzed that the oil support, which has signed data partnerships with LCK and Live Sandbox, is intended to spread the market in AI data analysis and to solidify its leaders in LOL data analysis through this GG 2.0 service.

CEO of Yu Ji -ji, CEO, said, ‘It is a version that shows the industry’s best data analysis technology and customer experience (UX) design capabilities.’ I said.

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