NVIDIA AD102 will take part in the race for 100 teraflops with AMD Navi 31

Insiders report that the next -generation flagship processor NVIDIA AD102 will be able to provide 100 teraflops of performance in FP32 calculations. This means that the video card with that inside will be the first user solution with such computing power in history. The teraflops race, we recall, began back in 2008, when the AMD RV770 chip reached 1 teraflops of computing power.

Navi 31 TFLOP Performance is INSANITY - EXCLUSIVE RDNA 3 Info | AMD & Nvidia's Next Gen of GPUs

If the AD102 really reaches 100 theraflops, then this will mean that this achievement took 14 years. As for the AD102 characteristics, the insiders report about 18432 CUDA nuclei, and TGP in the region of 600 watts.

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