Illon Musk, Apple fee 30% too high. 10 times the right price

Illon Musk criticized his Twitter on his Twitter, saying, “Apple’s store (App Store) imposes 30%taxes on the Internet. It’s never right.” He then pointed out that “literally 10 times more expensive than the appropriate price of it should be.”

Apple receives a 30%fee from developers who earn more than $ 1 million a year in the App Store, and has received a 15%fee for developers with sales of $ 1 million (about 1.1 billion won) since 2021. And Illon Musk said that the commission policy was “30%tax on the Internet.” The appropriate price he sees is 10 times cheaper than 30%.

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Illon Musk criticizes Apple on his Twitter every time his chance. In August 2021, he said, “Epic is right before the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple.” The Apple App Store fee is a global tax imposed on the Internet. ” He also argued on Twitter that “Apple will cut the rate when competitive pressure comes in, but it is monopoly because it is a double poison structure between Apple and Android.”

The industry speculates that Tesla’s Illon Musk is in full swing in the Apple Car Project and throws a check to Apple entering the electric vehicle market. The position of a tentative top competitors must collapse so that Tesla’s current position can be preserved.

Illon Musk pays $ 44 billion (about 55 trillion won) and becomes a new owner of Twitter. He said on Twitter, “Twitter will always be provided free of charge to ordinary users, but perhaps commercial and government officials may have some costs.” The specific business model is unknown, and for the same reason, the correlation between ‘some cost’ and ‘Internet tax’ is not clear.

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