Gotham Knightss leak can hint a 4 players cooperative

Caballeros de Gotham has four main characters for people to play, but according to what has been announced so far, it only admits up to two players at the same time in the game. The developers have even gone so far as to explain the decision behind why they chose a system of two players instead of a four players configuration, even when there are four main characters, but it seems that there is at least some possibility that the game In some the capacity admits the control of the four heroes at the same time by four players in a session.

Gotham Knights | Everything we know so far!

In the PlayStation Store list for the game (through Pcjuegosn), the section of that page that shows how many players can play _ Gotham_caballeros immediately says that “admits up to 4 players in line with PS Plus.” DC fans with Eagle eyes saw that detail and shared the finding inside the game’s subnet along with a screenshot of the page that showed those details. If you go to the PlayStation Store list, you will see that, in fact, he says that the game admits four players at the same time in an online session.

So, is it a mistake or is it a filtration of some type of announcement intended to be shared by Warner Bros. Montreal in the future? Those inside the Subnetdit corroborated the finding by accepting that the page had been updated, and although we did not see it personally before to notice the difference, that definitely seems to be something that those who expect the game should know. There are files on the page before, but unfortunately they are not loaded correctly to show information about a number of players admitted, so it is not clear when, exactly, this page may have been updated.

If that is the case and this game will end up admitting sessions of four players, it will comply with a request that the players have had since this game was revealed and their cast of characters. Since he presents Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin in a single experience, people would naturally think about that and the design of the box that would be a game for four players, so it was a kind of surprise to know that no It would be the case.

_ Gotham_ Caballeros is one of the many games that can appear during the Summer Game Fest events from next month, so we may listen to this expanded cooperative support and more if this is really a filtration of what will come. The game itself is scheduled to launch in October.

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