How to get into the store in Teardown

In Teardown, players can use all kinds of methods to break and destroy almost everything. Unfortunately, one of the indestructible objects in the game is the door of the storage. Players can find this storage on the island of the Hollower during the Bluetide computers mission.

Hammer Pit | Teardown

finding the entrance to the storage

Although players cannot break the door of the storage or the surrounding cage, there is a return path through which they can break through. First of all, when you appear on the pier, go left and to the cave with several supplies. Players should bring several boards, as well as a soldering lamp, shotgun or hammer.

Once inside the cave, use a flashlight to examine the ceiling of the cave. Players should notice a ventilation hole in the dark part of the ceiling. Break it with a hammer, a shotgun or a soldering lamp. The next part is a little more complicated.

Creating a stairs

Due to the fact that the players will not have access to the stairs, and the open mine leading to the storage goes straight up, players will have to show ingenuity! To create a kind of stepladder, players will need to use their boards. The easiest way to do this is to create a standing board right in the mine, and then small boards protruding from it to step on them. Make two standing boards to make it easier to go to the next step.

prey collection

As soon as the player is inside the ventilation hole, another ventilation cover will block the path to the storage. Just use the right method, hammer, shotgun or soldering lamp again, and players will be able to collect all the prey inside. This includes a bag of cash in the amount of $ 400 and a stack of gold ingreds in the amount of $ 2500!

To find out more about Teardown, be sure to read the section “How to create things in Teardown” in games guidelines for professionals.

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